Amethyst Embrace Sparkling Chakra Bath Oil

Energy Centre 💜 Third Eye Chakra

Crystal ✨ Amethyst

Manifestation 🔮 Open Intuition + Deep Relaxation

Remedy For 😌 Burn Out + Anxiety

100 ml / 3.34 fl.oz


Amethyst Embrace Sparkling Chakra Bath Oil

Amethyst Embrace is a warm blanket of vanilla + lavender. This soothing scent will guide you to your soul whispers.

Top Notes : Orange Citrus + Ho Wood
Middle Notes : Lavender + Chamomile
Base Notes : Vanilla + Ylang Ylang

Carried in nourishing peach + apricot oils, supercharged with regenerative Pomegranate CO2. Dazzling biodegradable glitter inside. Shake the bottle like a snow dome to activate the sparkling magic! Handmade with 95% natural ingredients.

Lovingly handmade in Devon using pure essential oils + nourishing botanicals to elevate your bliss. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes to raise your vibration. 100% supernatural. Vegan friendly.

Shake the bottle before use to activate the sparkling magic. For a gorgeous bath, pour your desired amount into a warm bath. For an aromatherapy shower, apply on wet skin and rinse off.

100 ml / 3.34 fl.oz