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Conscious Beauty and self care

‘’Self care’’ has become a rather tired catch phrase, and really only means something if you really take the time to consciously think about these multi layered two important words.     

When we ‘consciously’ act it means that we concentrate in the moment, mindful of what and why we are doing something.  Most people have such hectic lives that this often does not happen, as we multi task not really giving one thing our absolute attention.

When you indulge yourself in a beauty product, this in itself is an act of care.  More people today are conscious about how and where and why our products are made.  Do they use natural ingredients? Are they individually made with care or are they mass produced? Do they test on animals or contain animal ingredients? Are the ingredients organic? Is there palm oil or other ingredients that lead to destruction of rainforests? All of these are important questions as our planet faces very real challenges from the human consumption process.

Here is a link for FAQ’s about palm oil

There is an important link between beauty and self-care. When you apply a beauty product or take time to participate in a beauty ritual, you create a conscious connection between you and your body that’s very nurturing and kind to yourself. This can provide a gateway to more gestures of self-love, like exercise, resting or cooking nutritious meals.

We need to learn to get in touch with our bodies and show them appreciation for all they do. The moment when you scrub, cleanse, stroke, massage your body the more you wake up to your beauty.

It is lovely to buy gifts for others, but your first priority is your needs, because without you functioning well how can you assist others?

Here are some suggestions for a short self care routine:

When you wake up take a few minutes to journal your thoughts.

Stretch gently and deep breathe.

Hydrate with pure filtered water.

If you shower in the morning use the water as healing, really focusing on the cleansing aspect of mind and body. Use gorgeous scrubs or shower oils to give you that sensory delight. Feel really deep appreciation for the time you are taking and the nurturing of your soul.

Give your skin a boost with our skin shot coffee bean scrub and mask, with brightening oils.

If you bathe, take a few minutes extra to give yourself a lift using sea soaks and salts. Maybe light a candle and set your intention for the day.

Massage your body with luxurious oils or body butter and apply your favourite perfume which will hold its scent better over the day over your moisturiser. Apply to pulse points, behind the knee, inside your elbows and neck.

We stock amazing body butters with incredible botanical fragrances and essential oils such as ylang ylang and rose, sweet orange and bergamot, lavender and rose, vanilla among many other sensory delights!

Take time to massage your facial creams and use a jade roller or fingertips in an upward circling motion.

We stock jade rollers and powerful rejuvenation oils such as Super Skin 7 containing the most renowned essential oils such as rose, frankincense, jasmine, neroli etc.

Wear colour in your clothes to lift your skin and especially in Winter

Tell yourself you look, feel and smell fabulous! Smile and feel confident, that you are the best that you can be in this moment in time.