The Garden of Eden

Exploring Eden

The original Hebrew word for ‘delights’ is ‘Ada’necha’ {עדניך}, therefore, it would be safe to assume that the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘Eden’ is akin to ‘pleasure’ or ‘delight.’

Moreover, the Hebrew word for ‘delicate’ is ‘Me’udan’ {מעודן} – which comes from the same root as well.  The initial Latin meaning of ‘delicate’ (‘delicatus’ in Latin) is ‘something that gives pleasure’ (compare with ‘delicious’ – food that is so tasty it gives one pleasure).

This is why it is no surprise to discover the Hebrew term for ‘Heaven’ or ‘Paradise’ is in fact ‘Gan Eden’ {גן עדן} – meaning the Garden of Eden…

The Garden of Eden is known from the Bible as the creation story of life

The Bible explains God’s original will in Genesis 1:29-30:

“Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.’”

Sadly, the Bible contains some rather less inspiring stories also that give it polarity, so we do not need this chapter to justify a plant based diet, but it is however a beautiful verse and words to live by.

You may have heard of or visited the Eden Project…Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by some, Eden is a dramatic global garden housed in tropical biomes that nestle in a crater the size of 30 football pitches.

With a worldwide reputation, and recognised by the British Travel Awards as the Best UK Leisure Attraction five years running, Eden barely needs an introduction, but this epic destination definitely deserves a day of your undivided attention. More than just a huge, tropical garden, Eden is a gateway into the relationships between plants and people, and a fascinating insight into the story of mankinds dependence on plant life. Not only a mind-blowing visitor attraction, Eden is also fast-becoming a unique resource for education and knowledge towards a sustainable future.

There are also exciting plans to open an Eden Project in the North of England in Morecombe, Lancashire.


We are starting to form a picture of the inspiring work that can be gleaned from the concept of Eden, and there are various movements that promote a more sustainable and kinder future around nature and that planet earth is indeed a paradise that is essential to conserve and protect.

Edenism ( also known as ‘New Edenism’) is an ethical movement based on the belief that we can all live together in harmony with nature and each other regardless of race, gender, age, ability, or species. The movement aims to encourage kindness in all our choices, from how we live, to what we eat, how we treat each other and how we organise society. Supporters of the movement believe that by fostering more empathic choices we can evolve into a more enlightened species that will save the planet and its inhabitants from mass extinction.

Another interesting movement that cares for the ecology of the earth and recognises the divine connection in all things is Biopantheism..which takes Pantheism a little further.

You can read more here:

Scientific pantheism focuses on saving the planet rather than “saving” souls. It respects the rights of humans, and also of all living beings. It encourages you to make the most and best of your one life here. It values reason and the scientific method over adherence to ancient scriptures.

Eden Consciousness

Metaphysically speaking, we can look at God as simply a nonlocal, multidimensional ‘event’ that developed conscious awareness and questioned its state or place in the Universe. When we explore this question, the non – local multidimensional event individualised itself and produced our local, three-dimensional reality (governed by space and time).

The Garden as the story in the Bible tells, represents a peaceful state of consciousness leading to growth (hence the garden). The Tree of Life represents networks and unity within knowledge leading to different pathways of consciousness. The purpose of eating from the tree is to metaphorically ‘die’ by living in the body with ego to learn the lessons of the path of the soul. Humans can only return to Eden (spirit/Source) when returning to the harmonious state of spirit that goes beyond our mere physical avatar.

Our bodies are purely a vehicle for the travelling infinite soul.

Adam represents the ego or will, the Spiritual existing in the physical or the intellect. On the other hand, Eve represents feeling, and is most associated with the heart.

Both Adam and Eve together represent the individualised ‘I AM’ consciousness in perfect Unity. The serpent represents desires or material thought forms getting in the way of love/Eden consciousness which causes unbalance and lower -self influences. This would explain why so many spiritual teachers try to live a simple life unfettered by material distractions.

Through the Genesis description of the Garden of Eden and the Isaiah account of the eternal Kingdom of God, there is a spark that suggests God desires a world without killing. The ideal has clearly been set for us. What excuse then do we then use to kill animals for food or other products, when we are fully capable of leading a life without killing them?  Our conditioning by those who profit from suffering and misery is clearly entrenched in society when we could liberate ourselves and others from this eternal enslavement keeping us trapped in lower consciousness.

Plant based food is nourished by the sun not the dark dismal slaughterhouses of the Earth, let us allow our garden to be purified by light and prana not suffering and violence. If this information sits well with you, make sure you research your diet carefully as there is so much conflict of information out there. A wholefood, plant based diet can be one of the most healing ways of living, but make sure it sits right with you first and that you get enough calories!

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