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“Edenism ( also known as ‘New Edenism’) is an ethical movement based on the belief that we can all live together in harmony with nature and each other regardless of race, gender, age, ability, or species. ”

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The Garden of Eden

Exploring Eden

The original Hebrew word for ‘delights’ is ‘Ada’necha’ {עדניך}, therefore, it would be safe to assume that the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘Eden’ is akin

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Mission/ Goals/ Milestones

As we progress the business, we hope to be able to donate part of our profits to animal sanctuaries and tree planting efforts such as Eden International.

Watch this space!

We will also be growing our ranges of wonderful vegan skincare, fragrances,  and gifts while constantly adding to our list of ethical suppliers.

We also have plans to develop our own Perfumes here at Eden which is in the early development stage.